Church Covenant

                                           East Balsam Baptist Church Covenant

1)    Having been saved by the grace of Christ and his atoning death on the cross and having been baptized in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, I agree to joyfully enter into a covenant with this church by the grace of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

2)    I solemnly agree to walk together with this body in Christian love; to strive to support the advancement of this church’s mission both in word and in deed; to come under the authority of the scriptures and the leadership of the church in areas of worship, ordinances and discipline; to pray for this church and its leaders and to hold both leaders and members accountable if sins have been committed; to give happily to the work of the ministry and the advancement of the local and global church.

3)    I seek to make Christ the head of my home and sole leader of my life; to maintain consistent Bible reading and prayer; to raise my children to know and love God; to be honest in my relationships and just in my financial dealings; to be respectable to outsiders and to avoid behaviors that would damage my reputation or the reputation of this church; to seek the salvation of my friends, neighbors and acquaintances; to avoid all gossiping and backbiting and any speech that does not reflect sincere love and respect for one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.

4)    I engage to joyfully participate in activities of the church; to encourage and exhort one another with Godly affection; to be courteous and respectful to one another; to celebrate the unique role that each person plays in the body; to strive for unity and biblical reconciliation when conflict arises and to live under the guide of the scriptures in all our interactions.

5)    In the event that I move or believe that God is leading me out from this body, I commit to seek out a like-minded church that will provide spiritual nourishment and Biblical instruction; and to notify the appropriate leader of my intentions.

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