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I Peter
October 13, 2014

I Peter 2:9-10 “Chosen to Proclaim”

I Peter 2:9-10 "Chosen to Proclaim"

A big day Today we are celebrating the 110th year anniversary of East Balsam Baptist Church.  Over 100 years ago, a few Swedish immigrants thought that there should be a church here in Western Wisconsin and so they set out to make that happen.  It took guts. It took sweat. It took money. And it […]

May 30, 2017

I Peter 1:1-3 “The unlikely apostle: An introduction to I Peter”

I Peter 1:1-3 "The unlikely apostle: An introduction to I Peter"

A new study Today we will begin a brand new study in the book of I Peter. There are 66 books in the Bible. 39 of them are in the Old Testament and 27 are in the New Testament. 21 books of the New Testament are known as Epistles or letters. These letters were written […]

June 6, 2017

I Peter 1:1-9 “A living Hope”

I Peter 1:1-9 "A living Hope"

Exploring the menu Last week, we introduced the book of I Peter and explored the menu a bit. This week, we get to try a few main dishes. The first 12 verses describe what happened before our conversion, during our conversion and what will happen now that we are saved. We all know or have […]

June 12, 2017

I Peter 1:10-16 “Grace: the fuel of obedience”

I Peter 1:10-16 "Grace: the fuel of obedience"

Due to a power outage, the audio was not recorded for this sermon.  The wow Last week, we looked at the “wow” of our salvation. This week we will introduce the “now.” Perhaps you have had experiences in your life that ignited the wow in your heart. You saw a skilled musician and you were […]

June 19, 2017

I Peter 1:17-25 “Ransomed by Jesus”

I Peter 1:17-25 "Ransomed by Jesus"

Can people change? Can people change? That is a question that will get allot of different responses. Perhaps if someone was young enough, they can change their attitudes and behaviors. Or perhaps if someone has better influences they can change. Or perhaps if a person has a life altering experience that “wakes them up” to […]

July 5, 2017

I Peter 2:1-3 “Longing for the Word”

I Peter 2:1-3 "Longing for the Word"

Growing When did you stop growing? I went from about 5’8 in 8th grade to about 6’3 in 10th grade and I never grew one centimeter after that. In our house, we have the spot on the wall to mark our sons height and we put a date next to the line to see how […]

July 13, 2017

I Peter 2:4-10 “Proclaiming Jesus”

I Peter 2:4-10 "Proclaiming Jesus"

How important? How important is the church? Or perhaps put a better way, how important is your involvement in the church? This may be a question that you have asked yourself before or maybe you have never asked it. Interstingly, the Scriptures do not specifically ask that question. It does not leave open the possibility […]

July 20, 2017

I Peter 2:11-17 “Christian Freedom”

I Peter 2:11-17 "Christian Freedom"

Weaker You are allot weaker than you think you are and you are allot stronger than you think you are. You are weak in yourself. You are strong in Christ. Or better said, Christ is strong in you.   If you are trying to be strong this morning in yourself, if you have set out to […]

July 24, 2017

I Peter 2:18-25 “Following Jesus through suffering”

I Peter 2:18-25 "Following Jesus through suffering"

Fresh Vision What would you pay for fresh vision in your life? Maybe you have it right now already: You know who you are, Who God made you to be, how you are to live and what you should spend your time doing. If that is you, you may be in the minority of people, […]

August 10, 2017

I Peter 3:1-7 “Husbands and Wives: Co-heirs of the Kingdom”

I Peter 3:1-7 "Husbands and Wives: Co-heirs of the Kingdom"

Expert or novice How much do you know about marriage? Do you consider yourself an expert on the topic, a novice, a student or something else? This is not just a question to ask people who are married but also people who are not married. Because the Bible addresses marriage and all Scripture is profitable […]

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