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The gospel is counter-cultural.  It goes against the normal way of thinking. The world goes down stream and the gospel goes up. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

The paradoxes are enormous. The weak are the strong ones. The ones who can see are actually blind. The found are the most lost. We get bigger when we get smaller. And the list goes on. To make it to heaven you gotta stop striving, stop trying so hard, to not take one more step down the path of personal achievement and self-confidence.

This type of thinking might cause you to get fired from your job but it is the only way to turn God’s head and get a place in His family. He takes in the lame (not just those who aren’t hip and trendy), the outliers, the ones who always get picked last and have scored a giant incomplete on the test of life. Nothing pleases Him like the ones who have hit the bottom of their own goodness and success and are now staring at Jesus, longingly.

This is the story that shakes the world and “shakes us forward and shakes us free.” – Rich Mullins

The more deeply we embrace our identity as the freely redeemed children of God, the more deeply we will experience unburdened joy and the strange feeling of having nothing to prove.  When we are loved by God, we begin to love people. When we are forgiven by God, we begin to forgive people. When we are thinking about God, we begin to think less about ourselves. And by that time, we are well on our way to a flurry of good works that will light up the world and turn the heads of conventional, upstream thinkers.

Why are Christians so happy and so eager to do good? Because we have been loved and accepted before we did anything good and can’t help ourselves. We live to please the great Hero of our story. The Maker turned Re-maker Who is making us look like Him.

I hope this counter-cultural message tastes and sounds good to you. I hope it never seems boring or old sounding. I hope it always makes you smile, laugh, weep and worship. It is the most fascinating love story every written, told and lived and we have been invited in. Let’s happily read each page and experience the page we’ve been put into. The best is yet to come.

Enjoying the Story with all you,

Pastor Gabe

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