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A few weeks backs we explored the topic of God’s sovereignty and human responsibility. I hope you were encouraged. The bigness of God is not meant to threaten our freedom. It is meant to enhance it. The power of God looks pretty fantastic when we stack it up against our own weakness. We are fragile. He is unbreakable. And that is a good thing.

As I have considered this topic for the past 15 years or so, I have had a mix of emotions. At 21 with the world before me, God’s sovereignty seemed restraining. Now at 34, married with 4 boys and pastoring a church, I find it comforting. I used to want the rights to the throne. Now I am gladly accept my role beneath it.

What is amazing to me is just how much freedom people really do have! While God is steadfastly sovereign, He is far from micromanaging. There is a vastness of possibilities and choices that people are free to make and if there was any shocking thing about God, it would be His forbearance more than His autocracy.

Melonie and I enjoy keeping a fairly tidy house. Toys can be played with (of course!) but they can’t be left out for days on end. Enjoy a meal but get the dishes up to the counter when you’re finished.  A part of our “control” of the home is keeping it presentable and put together. It’s how we like it.  This doesn’t mean we never leave the sink on by accident and spend 2 hours ringing out mops and towels! It means we would prefer not to.

God’s world is both a tidy place and a messy place. There is fantastic order and stability and a bunch of craziness too.  This may come as a surprise to people who have learned about the perfections and put-togetherness of our great God. He is a merciful God abounding in steadfast love. His world is both a reflection of Him and the exact opposite.

So what does this mean for His redeemed children? I think if God, in His Holy character, allows for messes in His world, we can allow for little messes in ours, too. If God doesn’t flip out, we don’t gotta flip out either. If your basement floods or your body fails, God is still God. He is shockingly unfazed and yet fully there. In control but surprisingly non-controlling.

So be encouraged. All things will be buttoned up, cleaned up, put back together, restored for all eternity. “Behold, I am making all things new,” – Jesus said. And He is doing this through the good, the bad and the messy.

Grateful for our great big God,

Pastor Gabe

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