Steps for Membership

                                                    Steps for Membership:

Are you interested in joining the community at East Balsam?! Here are the steps to take!

Step 1: Attend the Membership Class

These will be offered two times a year and will have 3 purposes:

1)    To give people an opportunity to briefly share their testimony with other believers in a relaxed setting.

2)    To meet the pastor and hear more about the vision of the church and possibilities for greater involvement in the ministries offered.

3)    To review the doctrinal position of the church and entertain any questions regarding our beliefs or practices.

Step 2: Be baptized (if not already)

Baptism is an essential part of the Christian faith and a necessary step for church membership.  All those who would seek to be members must be baptized by immersion as a demonstration of inward faith and new life in Christ.

Step 3: Deacon/Pastor interview

This will be conducted with the pastor and the deacons. Its purpose is 3-fold:

1)    To further explain how God brought you to the point of salvation.

2)    To review the meaning of membership and the church covenant

3)    To answer any questions you may have about the church, its practices, beliefs and leadership structure.

Step 4: Public affirmation of the Church Covenant

Two Sundays a year, the church will invite new members into the Covenant family!  These candidates will stand up front with the pastor and signify agreement with the church covenant in the form of a joyful, “I do” when the covenant is read.