A Starting Point

Perhaps you have thought about becoming a Christian but you don’t know where to start:

Here are 3 things to consider:

1) Believe! This is how a person is born again, not by trying harder, doing more, attending more religious activities or licking your bad habits. Salvation is a free gift received by grace alone through faith in the finished work of Christ.

2) Get Baptized. Baptism is an exciting step to take as a brand new believer in Jesus.  This physical act signifies the washing away of your old life and the beginning of a new life in Christ!

3) Get Connected.  When Jesus saves us, He gives us a whole bunch of brothers and sisters to walk through life with.  The local church is the place where we get to meet each other, share burdens and enjoy one another’s company! It is the community of God’s redeemed people Who love Him, love our neighbors and want to see the good news of Jesus spread to the world.

Whatever stage you are at in this journey, you are welcome at East Balsam! We are here to encourage, comfort and challenge you as we pursue new life together in Him.

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  1. Jarrod Puckett says:

    The foundation of Christian theology is expressed in the early ecumenical creeds which contain claims predominantly accepted by followers of the Christian faith. These professions state that Jesus suffered, died, was buried, and was subsequently resurrected from the dead in order to grant eternal life to those who believe in him and trust him for the remission of their sins.,

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